This position is for an early employee or co-founder to work directly with the founder and contractors who are currently managing the development process and day-to-day operations. The right candidate will have a strength or background in any of the following areas:

Programming (front-end or back-end)

UI/UX design




The candidate should also be a fast-learner, able to wear many hats and align with the founder’s values of honesty, solidarity, humor, and compassion.

Ideally, the candidate will work with the founder on a contract basis until both the founder and the candidate decide it’s a good, long-term working arrangement and can work out a partnership.

The founder’s mission is to increase the level of engagement with and knowledge of state government legislation in all 50 states. Candidates from marginalized and economically disadvantaged backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.


Improve the state of society, opportunity for equity and to become a founder if relationship works out

Kill the Bill
Durham, NC
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