Networking Events

For 5 years, Big Top events were centered on helping technology-based companies and motivated job seekers connect in a unique, fun yet powerful way.  What is unique – try a circus themed job fair where motivated hiring managers pitch a roomful of talented individuals.  What is fun – how about acrobats, stilt-walkers and beer/soda/hot dogs/popcorn/music.  What is powerful – equally passionate individuals and hiring managers get the a few minutes to get to know each other (not stuck in online resume hell).

This year we began to shift the focus to a networking event so we added local organizations & meetups that help you manage your career aspirations.  We will continue to add elements to better serve everyone’s needs.

Big Top events are run 2-4x per year typically in February, April/May, July and October.

Reserve your spot at the next Big Top:

When:   Wednesday 17th
Where: The Cage at ATC
Time:    6PM – 8:30PM

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