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Company Information

PrecisionLender was founded in 2009 as a result of a simple observation: commercial lenders don’t have the data at their disposal to make loans that are acceptable to both the bank and the customers, they are often times flying by the seat of their pants.

This observation led industry experts to develop a completely new way to look at the commercial lending paradigm. Arming lenders with the right data means they can give their customers exactly what they need and also help keep their bank profitable.

Current job openings at Precision Lender

IT Audit & Compliance Manager   Cary, North Carolina
June 7, 2017
Data Warehouse Developer   Cary, North Carolina
April 14, 2017
Data Engineer   Cary, North Carolina
February 24, 2017
Client Support Superhero   Cary, North Carolina
January 7, 2017
Senior Associate - Sales Consultant   Cary, North Carolina
December 6, 2016
Data Analyst, Client Success   Cary, North Carolina
December 6, 2016
Graphic Designer   Cary, North Carolina
November 11, 2016
Software Engineer   Cary, North Carolina
November 11, 2016